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Kalau inaf masuk kategori restrukturisasi gak? Menurut gue sich udah murah n manajemennya lagi bebenah. Trims.
10 Dec, 2003 03:43
Mmm, interesting.
19 Dec, 2003 05:52
It gets more interesting. Still, its valuation is way too cheap.
11 Jan, 2004 21:38
Heavy trades could mean anything.
04 Feb, 2004 02:53
Neither do I.
04 Feb, 2004 03:43
There''s nothing wrong with hope, as it''s not also a sin to fear. Hope and fear, both are the prime causes that drive the market and provide volatility. Up and down, still chuan smile
27 Feb, 2004 03:30
Kontan has made the company covered in its latest edition. It''s time to ride on the tidal waves.
13 Mar, 2004 19:37
Anything that goes down without fundamental explanation and violating any technical reason is poised to make a reversal and bounce back soon after the market make a positive turn.
It''s another example of psychological play.
13 Mar, 2004 21:05
kalo gic bisa bikin untr kayak cisco, wow. tapi minimal ke 2000 dulu deh. serrrok lageee! Your GIC seems to be in shopping spree now.
16 Mar, 2004 02:52
Well, in that case, just keep accumulating, and don''t make too much noise. The 2003 result is poised to be a good one.
Yes, indeed. And the US administration seems to lose their appetite with current Indonesian leadership, as former US ambassador to Indonesia, Edward Masters, quoted as saying the country’s “weak and corrupt leadership” are impeding progress in reform in many areas. Politic, law and economy, as well as the market, probably will benefit most from the change of leadership.