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Pirelli 'to cut 80 jobs' at Burton upon Trent site Tyre giant Pirelli is proposing to cut 80 jobs at its site in Burton upon Trent, union Unite says. A downturn in the market during the pandemic means the firm's department which makes bespoke tyres is facing closure. The union criticised the company for not using the government's Job Retention Scheme and furloughing workers, rather than "pushing ahead" with redundancies. "Unite is bitterly disappointed that the Pirelli bosses have started to consult on redundancies in Burton upon Trent, rather than furlough the workers concerned for the maximum time possible," regional officer Rick Coyle said. “This is another hammer blow adding to the jobs misery in the town. Well-paid, skilled jobs are extremely hard to find." Pirelli told BBC News that a decline in new car registrations in the UK and a fall in car usage had led to the firm needing to "reorganise one department". The company was now consulting with Unite, the spokesman added. You can follow many other news here. : slotxo
Covid: What’s the problem with the EU vaccine rollout? The European Union has been criticised for the slow pace of coronavirus vaccinations in member states. It has introduced export controls on vaccines produced in the EU after its rollout was hit by supply problems and delays. How does the EU vaccine scheme work? The scheme, set up in June 2020, allows the EU to negotiate the purchase of vaccines on behalf of its member states. It says this can help reduce costs and avoid competition between them. Member states do not have to join the scheme, but all 27 EU countries chose to do so. They are still allowed to make separate deals with vaccine makers with which the EU does not have an agreement. Hungary has agreed to buy two million doses of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine. What is the row over the AstraZeneca vaccine? The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was approved for use in the EU on 29 January. The EU signed a deal for 300 million doses in August, while the UK ordered 100 million doses and signed its deal in May. But AstraZeneca has had supply problems, which it blamed on manufacturing issues at one plant in Belgium and another in the Netherlands. Reports suggested deliveries to the EU would be reduced to 31 million - a cut of 60% - in the first quarter of 2021. This prompted criticism from the EU which says it should not receive fewer doses just because the UK signed a contract earlier. It said AstraZeneca's UK plants "had to deliver". Read details of this news here. : slotxo
Bill Gates: Solving Covid easy compared with climate Fifty-one billion and zero - the two numbers Bill Gates says you need to know about climate. Solving climate change would be "the most amazing thing humanity has ever done", says the billionaire founder of Microsoft. By comparison, ending the pandemic is "very, very easy", he claims. Mr Gates's new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, is a guide to tackling global warming. Don't underestimate the scale of the challenge, he told me when we spoke last week. "We've never made a transition like we're talking about doing in the next 30 years. There is no precedent for this." Fifty-one billion is how many tonnes of greenhouse gases the world typically adds to the atmosphere each year. Zero is where we need to get to. Mr Gates' focus is on how technology can help us make that journey. Renewable sources like wind and solar can help us decarbonise electricity but, as Mr Gates points out, that's less than 30% of total emissions. We are also going to have to decarbonise the other 70% of the world economy - steel, cement, transport systems, fertiliser production and much, much more. We simply don't have ways of doing that at the moment for many of these sectors. Read more news here. : สมัครสมาชิกสล็อต
Covid-19: First travellers arrive in UK for hotel quarantine stay The first travellers required to stay at quarantine hotels have begun arriving in the UK. All British and Irish citizens and UK residents who arrive in England after being in a high-risk Covid country now have to self-isolate in hotels. The "red list" of 33 countries includes Portugal, Brazil and South Africa. The new regulations, which aim to stop Covid variants entering the country, apply to arrivals who have been in one of those places in the past 10 days. They have to pre-book and pay £1,750 to spend 10 days in government-sanctioned hotels. The cost covers the hotel stay, transport and testing. In Scotland, the rule to stay in a hotel applies to travellers arriving directly by air from all countries outside the Common Travel Area (the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) - rather than just those from the list of 33 countries. The government has defended the arrangements after questions were raised about the ability of passengers from "red list" countries to mingle with other travellers on flights and at airports before being moved to their accommodation. A spokesman said: "Separation cannot always be easily implemented at airports, but every step is taken to reduce risks and to minimise any potential for passenger interaction, including Covid-19 tests prior to departure and routine protocols like mandatory mask wearing, social distances and regular cleaning of facilities. Read details of the news here. : สล็อต
Covid: More antidepressants prescribed but therapy down Antidepressants should not be used as a "sticking plaster", a charity has warned, after prescription numbers "accelerated" during the pandemic. While use of the drugs has increased, the number of people referred to talking therapies is down, official figures showed. Mind Cymru said antidepressants could be helpful for short periods but failed to address any long-term issues. The Welsh Government has been asked to comment. More than 3.2 million antidepressant items were prescribed by GPs in Wales in the six months after the Covid pandemic started - an increase of 115,660 compared to the previous year. But in the same period the number of people referred for talking therapies fell by a third to 25,520, the figures showed. The number of antidepressants prescribed has been increasing during the last 20 years and GP prescribing data analysed by BBC's Wales Live showed that trend has continued. Father-of-two Luke Jones, 33, from Merthyr Tydfil, had previously been put on antidepressants after being diagnosed with clinical depression. When he started to struggle during the first lockdown he said his dosage was increased by the GP after a short phone call. The same thing happened when he called again in November. You can follow the details here. : สล็อต
Pope Francis visits regions of Iraq once held by Islamic State Pope Francis has slotxo xo visited parts of northern Iraq that were held by Islamic State (IS) militants on the third day of his historic trip to the country. Christians were among those targeted by IS when they seized the region in 2014, carrying out human rights abuses. The Pope prayed among ruined churches in Mosul, the former IS stronghold, before meeting Christians in Qaraqosh. Celebrating Mass at a stadium in Irbil, the last big set piece of his visit, he said Iraq would remain in his heart. Thousands of people attended the service despite Covid concerns. Iraq, which has seen more than 13,500 deaths with Covid-19 and more than 726,000 cases, has recorded a sharp rise in infections over the past month. The 84-year-old leader of the Catholic Church and his entourage have all been vaccinated, but Iraq only received its first batch of doses last week. The four-day trip, which began on Friday, is the pontiff's first international excursion since the start of the pandemic more than a year ago, and the first ever papal visit to the country.
Sweden leads way in using tech to boost rural retailing Dark clouds เคล็ดลับเกมยิงปลาให้ได้เงินจริง loom over the pine forest surrounding Hummelsta, a town of 1,000 people that hasn't had any local shops for a decade. Since December, a red wooden container, about the size of a mobile home, has offered a lifeline. It's a mini supermarket that locals can access round-the-clock. "We haven't had any shops here during the time we have been here, and getting this now is perfect," says 31-year-old Emma Lundqvist who moved to Hummelsta with her boyfriend three years ago. "You don't need to get into the city to buy this small stuff," she adds, pointing to the packet of bacon she's popped in for. There's a wide assortment of groceries available, from fresh fruit and vegetables to Swedish household staples like frozen meatballs, crisp breads and wafer bars. But there are no staff or checkouts here. You open the doors using the company's app, which works in conjunction with BankID, a secure national identification app operated by Sweden's banks. Then, you can scan barcodes using your smartphone and the bill is automatically charged to a pre-registered bank card.
Covid in Wales: Care home owner trying to keep 'head above water' A care home owner says she is สล็อต trying to keep her "head above water" after a significant fall in occupancy levels during the pandemic. Data obtained by BBC Wales Live has found in parts of Wales the number of care home residents has dropped by more than 20% compared with February 2020. Lakshmy Pengelly, who owns a home in Llanelli, said she was relying on savings which were "running out". The Welsh Government said a fund would be in place for another six months. Care Forum Wales, which represents care home owners, has warned "the whole infrastructure of social care in Wales" could be under threat without financial support. Overall - based on data from 15 of Wales' 22 councils - the number of occupied places in adult care homes has fallen by 13% from 15,190 to 13,188. The biggest declines were seen in Blaenau Gwent (26%), Newport (21%), Bridgend (21%) and Rhondda Cynon Taf (21%). The data covers all residential care and nursing homes for adults and the elderly. Mrs Pengelly, who owns Ashley Court care home, said they managed to stay virus-free until the week before Christmas, just before residents and staff were due to receive the Covid vaccine. A total of 24 residents caught the virus and seven died with it and Mrs Pengelly said it was "such a tough time" for residents, their families and staff - and added she was now concerned about the home's future.
'We cannot stay locked down forever' Dr Michael McBride slotxo xo stresses that "it is important that we do not drop our guard". "I know that some have indicated that they believe that we are being too cautious, however, it's my job and others' job and my absolute duty to set out the public health position based on the evidence and to explain the uncertainties so that all decisions are fully informed," says the chief medical officer. "That includes the inevitability as restrictions ease and more mixing happens, some will get very sick. "Against all of that, we cannot stay locked down forever. The restrictions themselves are hugely damaging to society and to individuals. It has damaged lives and it has damaged livelihoods." He adds that it is "quite right" for executive ministers to evaluate how Northern Ireland eases out of lockdown most effectively, but says the public health advice should continue to be followed.
Uganda begins Covid-19 vaccination campaign Uganda kicked off รวมเคล็ดลับการ เล่นสล็อต ใน SLOTXO ให้ได้เงิน! mass vaccination against Covid-19 on Wednesday, after receiving 864,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine last week. Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng was the first to receive a jab at the main hospital in the capital, Kampala. Priority was being given to health workers in the country and many of them lined up at Mulago referral hospital in Kampala to receive it. Other groups scheduled to receive the vaccine are security personnel considered essential in supporting the Covid-19 response, teachers, adults aged over 50 years, and people with underlying health conditions. The vaccination campaign will spread to health centres countrywide for the next five days. Those vaccinated now will receive their second doses in May and June. An additional supply of 2,688,000 vaccine doses from the Covax scheme is expected in June. Uganda plans to vaccinate 49.6% of its population in a phased manner.
Outdoor meeting should be the focus going forward Prof Jackie Cassell, slotxo a consultant in Public Health at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, joins the BBC One coronavirus update programme. She says there is a huge amount of evidence that outdoors is safe, pointing out that there is no ceiling and the wind blows away droplets. She highlights a study of professional rugby players who were infected but where there was no transmission of the virus. She goes on to say the "stay outside" message should be strong from the Scottish government going towards the summer.
Covid food delivery: 'You need passion and energy' Danny Wheeler was สมัครสมาชิกสล็อต raised on a council estate in Hatfield and it was always his dream to have his own fried chicken business. So when he was made redundant from his digital marketing job during the pandemic, he teamed up with friends to open their own firm, Eli's Pop Up. "It's very empowering," he says. "I don't regret anything." After building up a social media buzz, they started taking orders through a website and using a kitchen in a local pub to prepare food to deliver around Hatfield. There were some teething problems - "Our first night was an absolute catastrophe," he says - but now the business is running smoothly. "It is a sacrifice in terms of time," he says. "You need the passion and the energy. "I did the website, a friend designed the logo, we make the food - everything is made from scratch." Danny and his friends used to travel down to London to buy street food such as fried chicken and burgers, being unimpressed with the selection in Hatfield from fast-food chains, and also by their ethos. With the big chains, "there's no connection between the business and the community," he says. Firms like Eli's Pop Up have been riding a huge rise in people ordering online takeaway and restaurant deliveries during the Covid-19 crisis. Successive lockdowns have meant many restaurants signing up to food delivery platforms to reach customers unable to get out and dine in. But some independent businesses decided to go it alone and set up their own delivery network.