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How do we start our life

1 1 12 Aug, 2020 17:46

The fact that we have

1 3 09 Aug, 2020 16:58

Even if it's just

1 1 05 Jul, 2020 17:34

Once upon a time

2 16 07 Jul, 2020 07:54

Sometimes people change a lot.

2 3 07 Jul, 2020 15:21

Why do we feel so tired?

1 1 21 Jun, 2020 17:31

we'll start all over again.

1 1 02 Jun, 2020 07:32

In the cold night, there is nothing

1 1 20 May, 2020 21:01

Sometimes sitting and listening to music

1 1 17 May, 2020 20:42

Feeling tired from sight

1 1 28 Apr, 2020 19:46

Don't try to keep yourself awake

2 3 23 Apr, 2020 19:56

I'm tired now Vikrit

3 5 17 Apr, 2020 11:07


20 Jan, 2020 18:38
From north to south, there is still something to see. Many more for our world and our country Sometimes, a stuffy corner may have a place where our people Never been able to explore it before is possible. Considered that there are still many secrets. On this planet, including your country There may be places that have never been discovered before. You may be the person who accidentally encountered it. Ufabet smilesmile
31 Jan, 2020 19:08
Just give me one chance That I can Running and walking through those things Just a little encouragement is enough from her. Even if you don't care about me anymore, Knowing that it shouldn't exist Because Thor has a new person I'm glad too But would like to cheer for the last time That allows me to overcome these sadness is enough There is not much difficult for you, that's enough.
23 Feb, 2020 18:05
A veces, las personas nacen para la fortuna también. Nací para hacer cualquier cosa a todo. Hará lo que sea bueno Elige el premio es correcto El juego sigue siendo afortunado de obtener dinero para no saber mucho. Estas personas nacieron con horóscopos. Está bien, este estilo es muy bueno. Pero los que nacieron con mala suerte Lo que sea que hagas, lo perderás. No puedo hacer nada en absoluto. No hacer nada Todo se va Parece que estabas viendo una mala historia. ไฮโล
01 Mar, 2020 18:01
Protože jste použili telefon Říkáš mezi tím Jaké jsou rozdíly mezi iPhone a iPhone? Pro mě Je to záležitost specifikace. Protože iPhone je velmi snadné hrát Kluzký po kůži Jsem následovník. Přijali jsme však, že iPhone je pokročilejší Ale iPhone je rychlejší než Android, velmi rychlý Pokud jsem se podíval, následovaly různé předpisy. Díky tomu jsou informace bezpečné a spolehlivé Pak se začal zabývat těmito věcmi
02 Mar, 2020 18:48
My affiliated factory also has problems with To recover the heat of the stirling machine It cannot find a solution for a long time. Therefore need to call a technician to fix it Until he already knew how to do it himself. He called Saw the mechanic and repaired by the mechanic Have to observe the repairman, ask about the repair And solving all the problems jdbslot
08 Mar, 2020 18:01
But not much free time But kept in that showcase When you leave it blank, I will take it to change it. But would have to find a shop for a long time to accept practice Because the phone number is too old The other day I used to use the Blackberry phone too. But it has been a long time and only this machine has Put that crazy place. But the style has deteriorated Opened and didn't say that he was going to fix it either
09 Mar, 2020 18:32
This time, we like to see people with faces, right? More than looking at people with talent When you do something, why not look at someone who is capable But watching someone with a beautiful face We can, can only be backup. But when trying to actually work People with a face can't do it. And throw it to us Why is it time to receive? Do not take us first Despite our work Waste of time? Do you have to pay? If there is another job We don't do it anymore. Believe it or not, this is it. พุทธศิลป์
10 Mar, 2020 19:19
A veces tenemos que pensar. Lo que eso vale más Porque cuando elegimos una cosa No podremos regresar y elegir otra cosa. Porque no podemos retroceder en el tiempo Elige lo mejor, regresa con cuidado. Porque es algo que te determinará en el futuro Es solo para que usted defina su vida. De ti mismo, así que no dejes que nadie elija el camino por ti คาสิโนออนไลน์
15 Mar, 2020 16:24
Trying to create something new for your life. But there is nothing better Try to do many things that you have not tried. It was like not being any more lively in itself. Don't know why That we have to try to find something new Do all the time to make us lively In doing things that come into our life To make it better but to find things to speed up our lives
17 Mar, 2020 18:32
ow, what is the movie coming to everyone? But the series that is coming now in my heart Is The Kingdom 2 that came at just 6 episodes But made me want to continue watching Wish to reach next year very quickly That the story Will proceed to where? How will the story be? The story is about to end at this time, or will continue in Part 4. Would like to have sand already What will the story be like? ไฮโลออนไลน์
29 Mar, 2020 11:42
A veces, nunca es el día en que recibimos tu corazón. Aunque lo intentaremos de todos modos Al final, no nos amó. Ella tiene otro corazon Eso no nos tiene ahí Aunque lo intentaremos Nunca estará en su corazón. Sin embargo, independientemente de lo bueno que seas. Finalmente terminó en fracaso Entonces nos convertiremos en diluyentes para ti ¿Y qué piensan ustedes del amor? ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์
05 Apr, 2020 19:30
Si tenemos miedo de algo, aunque solo nosotros Solo ver a través de los ojos puede asustarnos. Porque tenemos miedo de las cosas No es lo mismo Y los objetos enterrados Dentro de mi propia mente No podemos llevar eso a ninguna parte. Lo hay, pero lo aceptaremos y lo expondremos. สล็อต