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Construction waste is one of the inevitable outcomes of urbanization development, including muck, concrete blocks, broken stones, slurry and other waste produced in the process of demolition, repair and construction. With the economic, technology and urban development, the quantity of construction waste increases day by day, if not handled promptly, it will have serious impact on environment, society and so on. Experts believe that there are many potential and available elements in construction waste crusher, as long as we use them reasonably, they will have inestimable economic and environmental value, become the recyclable green resources. The economic value of construction waste 1.The debris, concrete and other wastes in the construction waste after crushing can be made into gravel aggregate in place of natural sand and reapplied to buildings; 2.After the waste bricks are crushed, they can be made into building boards, having the advantages of sound insulation and good waterproof effect, and the materials are simple to get and the cost is low; 3.The waste steel bars being picked out, can be recycled and reused, the economic benefits are significant. According to the survey,there are many countries in the world to treat construction waste crusher without any processing, directly stack them in the open air or bury in the low-lying areas, so that not only causing the waste of resources, at the same time, taking serious pollution to the ecological environment. As long as being used reasonably, not only achieving the certain economic benefits but also can beautify the city and improve the environment. We should avoid piling up them long time to cause the release of harmful gas, to achieve more considerable environmental value.
Nowadays,with the transformation of cities, a large number of construction waste has been generated, which leads to the destruction of the ecological balance. The disposal of construction waste will increase our construction costs and waste a lot of manpower. Building waste residue has good physical and chemical stability, and its performance is better than that of clay, silt, sand and limestone. These properties determine that construction waste crusher is a good machine for construction waste disposal, which can be applied in engineering construction to turn these waste materials into treasure. The appearance of mobile crusher not only solves the land pollution problems in cities, but also achieves the beneficial development. The design philosophy of mobile crusher is based on the actual needs of customers, which takes removing the obstacles of crushing sites, environment and complex configuration as the primary solutions. construction waste crusher is the complete set of mobile crushing and screening equipment placed in one or several trailers, which is composed of raw material bin, vibrating feeder, multilayer vibrating screen, medium crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, mobile belt conveyor, sand washing machine, electrical control system, etc. Mobile crushing plant is the integration of feeding, crushing and conveying. With the optimization of the production process, it has excellent crushing performance in rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. It can form a powerful crushing flow line through a combination of different models to complete more operations than demand, which has economic operation cost, stable and reliable operation and high production efficiency. Mobile crushing plant mainly conducts the construction waste crushing and screening after assembling the jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and a variety of special equipment. Through the optimization and strengthening design, it has higher strength, firm structure, reliable performance, good stability, less transportation costs, flexible combination, strong adaptability and convenient repair. The recycled materials is widely used in baking free brick, road infrastructure, construction and other industries to provide a new development ideas for the virtuous cycle of city construction field.
The rapid development of urban construction economy, construction waste pollution gradually surfaced in the future direction of urban development, green is an inevitable trend. Mobile crushing plant is an emerging product in the construction waste crusher industry that can recycle construction waste. This mobile crushing station opens the new era of application of construction waste to lead the development of aggregate industry, to tell you about the application prospects of mobile stations and construction waste aggregates. Mobile crushing station to reduce the environmental pollution of construction waste, optimizing renewable resources, for the construction of waste disposal, and the development of building materials to provide a new way. In the future trend of development, high-tech, green information must be the operation of the mining machinery industry goals. The construction waste crusher developed by our company has solved the bottleneck problem of the urbanization process, opened up a new mode of green building in cities and towns and led a new era of application of recycled aggregate for environmental protection in the construction industry. With the speeding up of construction, building aggregate has become an indispensable raw material to be purchased by all builders, but there is a shortage in natural sand market. This time instead of natural sand for the construction of the best raw materials, that is, recycled aggregate construction waste. Therefore, the application of construction waste recycling aggregate wide range of applications. The mobile crushing plant is the key to open construction waste crusher applications. Mobile crushing plant professional broken construction waste, reduce environmental pollution caused by garbage, so that building waste is reasonable and recycling, so that renewable resources can be meticulous and optimized. In short, the development and production of WITTMANN Mobile Station has not only opened up a new mode of production for the construction waste disposal industry, but also a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people.