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BUY kriuk-kriuk KBRI

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BUY kriuk-kriuk KBRI

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Coal Company, contractors PKPK=900

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BLTA 1000 *Int''l ship tanker stainless

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CTRP-Ciputra Aset, Ciputra World. little debt /full asset.

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ANTM(nic,gol,alu,bau,min,..) sweet BUY

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ELNUSA supercontractor

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Princess of JSMR 10.000 ten thousand

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Market fight with BOJ,FED,ECB, BI rate

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the wealth of petrosea ( the mining company & contractor

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the listing of go private company

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The listing of go private company there is a chance to profit from the shares : DVLA SHDA AQUA PTRO HMSP
10 Oct, 2006 05:58
Astra graphia five hundred next
anyone know Why petro is not playing ? beside the buyback program is just for 1,5 year maybe the company will stock split the share and if the company has a big gain, go private strategy may be happen next. and I have said that the listing of go private company include Petrosea.
buy this at all range price and maybe this is your good share to be rich I am a plantation player too TBLA have a chance to be succesful I have a target at 1000 because the banking sector and foreign investor support the plantation company.
just a little case like this INCO limited acquisition by other company with a good price. so PTRO, with a good project and skill to be a big diggings Indonesian Jakarta stock exchange and the capital superintendent now is very flexible and have a good rule to protect investor. Now Petrosea(Clough in Indonesia) have a buy back program. I think with a good gold price support Petrosea Net profit double, triple up. my recommendation BUY If we have a good fortune, maybe the company go private.
RSN and PTRO just a joint company to get profit from gold diggings Buy back program in Indonesia is very support the price. Like BBCA buyback 3500, 3700 and last 4700 So with PTRO maybe buyback up because the buyback support high EPS and profit back to company
PT Petrosea Tbk is an Indonesia-based engineering, construction and mining company. The Company comprises of two business segments: Engineering and Construction and Mining. The Engineering and Construction segment provides a range of multidisciplinary engineering, procurement and construction services to the oil and gas, infrastructure, industrial and manufacturing, utility and mining industries. The Mining segment is engaged in contract mining, involving overburden stripping, drilling, blasting, lifting and hauling. It also offers supply base facility, skilled trade personnel and equipment hire services. Headquartered in Jakarta, the Company''s strategic partners include Clough, Murray & Roberts, Clough Engineering & Integrated Solutions, Shedden Uhde, Tirta Kencana Cahaya Mandiri, Renison, Enviro Nusantara and PT Quarta Desira.
i think just PTRO is cheap price now before this i have talk that TBLA is 1000 rupiah but that is long term. my recommendation PTRO is 10.000 to 15.000
Nikkei down Hangseng down CAC,DAX,FTSE down Jsx still up, what''s wrong ?
AK buy average 3800 but cut loss at 3200 last months
02 Mar, 2007 01:43
some foreign fund manager told that JSX only a speculation market, because there are some problem is not good, Investor know that Java island are floods, and sidoarjo problem not fixing well. Rice is expensive and we don''t know what happen next?
02 Mar, 2007 02:18
is this airplane crash?