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The Threshold Limit Values (TLVs®) and Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs®) are developed as guidelines to assist in the control of health hazards. These recommendations or guidelines are intended for use in the practice of industrial hygiene, to be interpreted and applied only by a person trained in this discipline. They are not developed for use as legal standards and ACGIH® does not advocate their use as such. However, it is recognized that in certain circumstances individuals or organizations may wish to make use of these recommendations or guidelines as a supplement to their occupational safety and health program. ACGIH® will not oppose their use in this manner, if the use of TLVs® and BEIs® in these instances will contribute to the overall improvement in worker protection. However, the user must recognize the constraints and limitations subject to their proper use and bear the responsibility for such use. For more you can check infographic video
The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) is a private not-for-profit, nongovernmental corporation whose members are industrial hygienists or other occupational health and safety professionals dedicated to promoting health and safety within the workplace. ACGIH® is a scientific association. ACGIH® is not a standards setting body. As a scientific organization, it has established committees that review the existing published, peer-reviewed scientific literature. ACGIH® publishes guidelines known as Threshold Limit Values (TLVs®) and Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs®) for use by industrial hygienists in making decisions regarding safe levels of exposure to various chemical and physical agents found in the workplace. In using these guidelines, industrial hygienists are cautioned that the TLVs® and BEIs® are only one of multiple factors to be considered in evaluating specific workplace situations and conditions. Each year ACGIH® publishes its TLVs® and BEIs® in a book. In the introduction to the book, ACGIH® states that the TLVs® and BEIs® are guidelines to be used by professionals trained in the practice of industrial hygiene. The TLVs® and BEIs® are not designed to be used as standards. Nevertheless, ACGIH® is aware that in certain instances the TLVs® and the BEIs® are used as standards by national, state, or local governments. For more you can check Product Video
26 Oct, 2017 05:36
Hello, After a caravan change, I now have the Truma Mover XT and already go the problems. With my old Reichmover, everything was easier, with the cordless screwdriver, ready. And with the Truma XT it is a blessing, if it goes the same. Have already changed the batteries in the remote control and exactly the same as in the description, keep both keys pressed at the same time , until it starts and nothing goes. After about 10 attempts, then it goes. Who is it exactly the same and can give me a advice what I should do. Thank you I did not find the right solution from the internet References: Mobile App Video
26 Oct, 2017 05:45
Hello all, I am trying to move my backups (reverse incremental) from one repository to another and edit the jobs accordingly. So I have manually copied all the files, setup the new repository, scanned it....but when I edit the job to point it to the new repository I get the following error "move all backup files to the new repository first". I can't seem to find any documentation that explains how to change repositories so anyone know what I'm missing? Please help Thank you I did not find the right solution from the internet References: Online marketing video
26 Oct, 2017 05:48
Hi there, The software allows you to change to end loop point.( rightclick,hold, then drag) but i will not allow me to change the first loop point. I would like to be able to change the point so i am able to work on specific section rather than starting the track from the beginning each time. does anyone know how to do so. Any help Thanks I did not find the right solution from the internet References: Startup Launch Video
26 Oct, 2017 05:52
Hi everyone, since I have two defective Varytec Easy Move XS on Ebay shot, I have times the trouble made the circuit diagram to the majority reconstructed. There are some resistors and small capacitors, but they are not so important for a repair. If you want to have the .sch, simply report. The trouble to reconstitute the board I've saved. Thank you I did not find the right solution from the internet References: Brand Launch Video
Hi all, Love hut trips. I was going to move out of state (silly woman). Move has been cancelled but alas, this yr I have no Hut spots. If you have a spot for an extra person, I am available even for last minute spots. Thanks For more details : App Trailer Video Examples
Hi All In a small bind with a project I am working on. I need to purchase atleast 3 Dual 100k Audio taper potentiometers for a project I am working on. The shaft length needs to be atleast 1inch long and a 1/4 diameter. I would also like to purchase a 4 pole 5 position rotary switch (or one with adjustable stop!) but it must be under 1.5in in diameter with 30 degree indexing. I have checked ebay and all the usual distributors with no luck. Thanks! For more details : Product Launch Examples
Hello all, Long time fan of Dave and the EEVBlog YouTube channel, looking to sell off some items I no longer need as the project I bought them for has ended. Most are new. Priced for a quick sale. I might be willing to post if buying more than say $30 worth. They are in descending order of price. I'm going to link the Gumtree pages as there is too much text/photos to reproduce here. If this is an issue moderators please let me know. All prices are AUD. I'm based in North Brisbane. Anything crossed out is sold. for more details : Startup Launch
Hi all, These items have been sitting in a box in my storage room for 13 years. I have no need for them. Items are listed for sale on eBay (Buy It Now) with photos and complete descriptions of condition. 10% discount from those prices if bought direct from me. If you think any of the prices are out of line, tell me why and I'll consider it. for more details : brand adverts
31 Oct, 2017 06:08
Hi all, This guitar is priced to sell...the guitar of my dreams just came up for sale recently and I have to part ways with this beauty to afford it...this guitar sounds incredible and due to previous owner's cosmetic wear, it's set at a great price. It is almost 20 years old so the AAA Sitka top has opened up very, VERY nicely. If you know Lowden, I assure you this beats any of the new ones they've been making...incredibly responsive to a light touch but has headroom for days. The setup on this guitar is a fingerstyle player's dream...perfect intonation up the neck for light or medium strings, and low action. It also flatpicks and strums very well due to the warmth of the Sitka. The previous owner put a fair amount of wear below the pickguard from strumming and there's a couple surface dings on the top which is the reason for the low price Thank you For more details : Animated advertisement
Hello there, 1962 Triumph Herald 1200 1969 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Gloria" 1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "The Basket" 1987 Mazda RX-7 "Mistress" & more Good used exhaust manifold fits 1296/1500 non-cat car - pipe stud holes have been drilled out - some pitting - no visible cracks - no emissions crap - 50.00 US plus shipping Thank you For more details : video animation