TEN COMMANDMENTS OF STOCK MARKET\r\n \r\n1. Thou shalt not enter the market without a sound strategy, for the market is a mean, cruel and merciless arena.\r\n2. Thou shalt know when to enter the market \r\n3. Thou shalt enter at the right moment with a right strategy.\r\n4. Thou shalt not assume a short market rally even during a bad day period, so thou mayest harvest abundance profit and prosper if the rally run for long period. \r\n5. Thou shalt assume the worst as well as the best mayest happen.\r\n6. Hence thou shalt be ready to exit the market elegantly when things go sour.\r\n7. Thou shalt not enter the market without a fool-proof exit strategy enabling thou exiting elegantly.\r\n8. Thou shalt have a fall back position in the event of free falling into a deep crevice.\r\n9. Thou shalt remember thou shalt not lose in a be\r\n10. Thou shalt not put all thy eggs in a basket unless they are turtle eggs\r\n\r\nWell…., sebagai tambahan:” Thou shalt not believe Imam Semar for he is a liar”\r\n\r\nAm I laying???\r\n\r\nWe trust thee!!!, hehehe……… :peace:
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