123.hp.com/envy4520 - Replacing Cartridge

Cartridge Start the printer and pull out the input tray and load it with paper and slide in the input tray. Then open the cartridge access door by lifting the cutouts on the edges of the printer. Now the carriage moves to the access area wait for some time so the carriage stops moving. Find the cartridge you want to replace and open the cartridge cover and remove the cartridge. Instant ink cartridge area larger than the normal ink cartridges. Unpack the cartridge and take out the cartridge. After registering the printer 123.hp.com/setup 4520 and subscribe to the instant ink plan, the ink cartridges are send automatically to the home address.123 hp com dj3630 Then pull the tab in the cartridge make sure not to touch the electrical contacts and ink nozzle. The printer cannot recognize the ink cartridge if the chip is damaged. If there is any problem with the ink cartridge because of the damaged nozzle an error message will be shown in the control panel of the printer. Hold the ink nozzle of the cartridge facing the printer and snap into the carriage slot and close the cartridge access door.
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