Falcon King Coils With the relieve the stylish Horizon Falcon King Coils Sub-Ohm Tank comes the high performance Horizon Falcon King Mesh Replacement Coils. These coils contain Kanthal mesh heating material to promote rapid heat distribution and help prevent burnt or dry hits. Horizon has additionally implemented a blend of Bamboo and 100% Organic Cotton wicking material that raises the flavor of the vape juice. The 0.16 ohm M1+ Coil Head has a macro mesh coil rated to use at the maximum of 75W. The Falcon King 0.38 ohm M-Dual Coil Head has two vertically oriented mesh coils rated for use with a maximum of 80W. Along the superior Stainless Steel frame of those atomizer heads are multiple wicking ports to maintain your e-liquid flowing through the entire tank. The Horizon Tech Falcon Replacement Coils (M Triple Mesh, M-Dual, M1+, M2, F2, F3) delivers a truly innovative central wicking process such as the by using natural flax fiber for flax paper and wood pulp on an astounding flavor profiles for the Falcon Resin, Artisan and King Sub-Ohm Tank. Comes in a pack of three (3) coils. These genuine Horizon Tech Falcon coils to the Horizon Tech Falcon King Coils Sub Ohm Tank as well as the Horizon Tech Falcon King Sub Ohm Tank, were created specifically to the Falcon line of tanks. The Falcon coils can be found in a 3-pack, and feature multiple wicking material options and parallel in addition to mesh coil designs, providing a variety of degrees of taste and vapor production. Horizon Tech’s wood pulp cotton wicking material comprises of 30% Wood Pulp and 70% Cotton Fiber. With the new addition from the Falcon King Coils King Sub Ohm Tank, Horizon Tech introduces a brand new 0.38 ohm M-Dual Mesh Core as well as a 0.16 ohm M1+ Mesh Core which can be made out of bamboo fibers and organic cotton. This affords the Horizon Tech Falcon series of coils a normal lifespan that far surpasses other coils in the marketplace with moderate usage. Each coil also includes a unique centralized liquid guiding system making the saturation process quicker plus more uniformly concentrated. EHPRO Raptor Coils doubles with both Horizon Tech Falcon and Falcon King Tanks. No matter your level of sub-ohm vaping or your preference to taste and cloud production, you will find there's Falcon coil offered to meet your requirements. The undisputed champion of 2018 has returned with a fresh look and new style.  However does Horizon tech’s reign as king continues or does the falcon finally get usurped through the throne? Last year if the Horizon tech Falcon King Coils released it took the market by storm, almost in a very literal sense.  Everyone rushed over to acquire one, it absolutely was everywhere and admittedly this reviewer bought one also upon release.  Taking the common coil and adding wood pulp towards the cotton, it provided a flavor that blew everyone away.  I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of people coils in the august and the launch of the falcon mesh coils, the tank truly had no equal as being a single mesh coil tank.  So now with the release of the Falcon king, Horizon tech are revamping the coils, enhancing the tank and offering a DLC version of one with the most popular products of 2018.  Is the king worthy of your adulation?  Before we have into all the, let’s commence with the facts; Instructions Horizon Tech Falcon King Coils is ideal for Horizon Tech Falcon Tank. There are the Horizon Tech Falcon F1 Coil, Falcon F2 Coil, Falcon F3 Coil, Falcon M1 coil and Falcon M2 coil available. The Falcon F1 0.2ohm wood pulp coil is mandatory for that wattage 70-90W. The Falcon F2 0.2ohm flax fiber coil is suggested for the wattage 70-90W. The Horizon Tech Falcon F3 0.2ohm flax paper coil is best for your wattage 60-80W and the Falcon M1 Mash Coil great for 60-80W. The M2 Mesh Coil may be run at 70-80W. Different kind of coils brings different flavor and huge vapor. 3pcs in a pack. Main Feature: Horizon Tech Falcon M2 Coil: Mesh Coil, 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.15±0.03ohm, 70±10W Horizon Tech Falcon M-Dual coil: 0.38ohm (80W) made with Bamboo fiber Horizon Tech Falcon M1+ coil: 0.16ohm (75W) made with Bamboo fiber Horizon Tech Falcon F1 Coil: 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.2ohm, 80±10W Horizon Tech Falcon F2 Coil: Natural flax fiber, 0.2ohm, 80±10W Horizon Tech Falcon F3 Coil: Flax fiber + flax paper, 0.2ohm, 70±10W Horizon Tech Falcon M1 Coil: Mesh Coil, 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.15±0.03ohm, 70±10W Packing List: 1 x 3pcs Horizon Tech Falcon Replacement Coil
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