Recommendation for Real-time financial news on internet?

Hello all, what way or website do you recommend to get real time financial news, primarily for stock trading but I think, just general financial news is important. When I say "real-time," I mean like, just run a headline, (maybe a short sentence?), "Fed Rev says looking forward to rate increase." (This is just an example.) I found that a lot of news website (Yahoo finance, Google business etc) has long articles and more importantly, it takes too much time to write an article. By the time the article is online, it is old news. So I figure I need a way to get news in real-time and fast for my day trading for stocks and general financial news. I would prefer free service, but, I will consider paid service as well, just whichever works better. Thank you I did not find the right solution from the internet References : B2B Marketing Campaign
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