Hello all, I am sort of stuck on what I should do next in my career. I have been working at a tech company in the accounting department for close to a year. I have a degree in Finance for my undergrad which I graduated from back in May. I want to continue working for a company and not move into public accounting. My ultimate goal is to be a V.P. of Finance or CFO. What sort of career path should I take? One thought is that I continue in corporate accounting and go back for a Macc/MSA and get my CPA. Another thought is that I get my MBA with a focus on Finance or Accounting. Should my next position be within the accounting department or should I try for a financial analyst position down the road? Actually any thoughts at all would be great. Are there anything that I should have on my resume to attract a higher level position. Obviously, I won't go from a year into a company and then be the CFO, but any information on what I need even the kind of experience or certifications that will get me there would be great. Thank you I did not find the right solution from the internet References : http://www.city-data.com/forum/economics/1234124-what-degree-should-i-get.html Vehicle Insurance Marketing Examples
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