Hi all, Does anyone else think it's possible the stock market is the cause of all our problems? I personally think greed is the root, but that'll never change. I was just mulling it over, mind you I have very little education in economics, and I think the fact that money is made off over and over off potential is a real problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the initial reason of buying a stock is because you believe the company will make money. Making it actually worth more. But when people then resell it to others, those others are thinking it'll be worth more. But what happens when the price of a stock triples over and over, while the companies actual profits are only doubling? Is this considered inflation? Here's what I think, I think people should not be allowed to resell stocks. The only resale should be back to the company. Any thoughts? Thanks I did not find the right solution from the internet References :http://www.debate.org/forums/economics/topic/18214/ business consultancy service
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